The history of Medifly

How it all began…

9/2020 - 6/2023

2nd phase

The second phase focuses on establishing regular operations. For a few months, unmanned aircraft shall conduct operations between multiple hospitals.

6/2019 - 2/2020

1st phase

The first phase shall demonstrate the feasibility of conducting safe flights in urban airspace, and in the airport control zone.


Hamburg joins UAM initiative

The City of Hamburg and local industry sign letter of intent to become EU model region for urban air mobility (UAM).


Drone network Windrove

The network “Windrove” founded by initiative of ZAL GmbH, Hamburg Ministry of Economy, and Hamburg Aviation; initially funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Medifly receives grant notification letter for the second project phase


Medifly Hamburg awarded "regulatory sandbox" by Federal Ministry of Economy


Medifly Hamburg conducts first urban test flights


UAM initiative kick-off event

During the workshop, transporting medical goods is identified as promising use case for unmanned aircraft. Subsequently, several Hamburg-based companies join forces to launch the project “Medifly Hamburg”.

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